Go Green With Organic Liqueur Prévu

Eat Stay Drink   |   May 16, 2012   |   Madison Vanderberg

For all the organic, vegan, green living people out there, get ready to enjoy this new green alcoholic drink, Prévu

When I say “green drink” I don’t mean beer that’s been dyed green for St. Patrick’s Day drinking. I mean, organic and all-natural. 

Prévu is a brand new, 100% organic sparkling liqueur. It’s a blend of 70% wheat based vodka and 30% cognac and it’s bubbly. Basically, girls…you can order this drink too. And guys, it's got cognac, so it's as manly to drink as a scotch-on-the-rocks. 

The alcoholic beverage has 17% alcohol proof, which is a bit less than the average liqueurs, but they make up for it in it’s delicious combination of tastes like black currant, raspberry, blackberry and a touch of violet flower. All ingredients are certified organic and all-natural. 

Prévu is the brainchild of 27-year-old owner Simon Tikhman who felt there weren’t enough green/natural alcoholic drinks offered at bars and restaurants. 

The Prévu take over has only just begun. Currently you can order Prévu at various westcoast hotspots like in San Francisco at Circa Lounge, Manor West, Mas Sake, and in Los Angeles at 1902 and Chinois on Main in Santa Monica. 

Check out Prévu on it’s website,


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